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it wont start for me

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Hi! Which platform did you try it on? The worst case you can download love2d and try afterwards.

If it wont start on browser, it most probably is related to your browser. You can try on latest Chrome to be sure.

i tried it on web with the latest google updat

nevermind it works

This game is SO GOOD! But I think you should stop showing the "knight is now a ruler" intro everytime we try again after dying.

Good point, thx for the feedback! 


Nice prototype, but need add more tactic for fights.
Now always work 'punch, step back'.

What you may do, for example:
- 1 enemy have long distance attack, but we can defend with shield
- next enemy have short distance, need punch and step back
- next enemy have long distance but slow attack, and we still get damage when blocking, need punch him when he start attack animation.

Thank you for the suggestions! We didnt have much to to spare even the the jam was 2 weeks old, after the ratings are over im planning to fix the issues and make it a little more interesting. 

Pretty cool little game. I'm ready for more levels haha (2nd game in vid)


I liked graphics and music. The game was far more difficult than what I usually like to play. I couldn't get through this, but it's not a problem. There is enough to play for another time. Very reminiscent of role-playing games I played when I was a kid. -oneak


We were inspired by the Eye of the Beholder a lot! And the trick is to move back before the enemies attack, it cancels their attack sequence.


Awesome art style and a great execution of the classic dungeon-crawler genre.

Thank you so much!