Made in 48 hours all by myself for LudumDare 39 Compo

Defend Home: Mars is a simple FPS game which takes place on a space facility in Mars (obviously). Our mission is to stop the alien ants destroying our generators. Watch the indicator lights on the generators, if they all go red the generator will be broken.

WASD - Movement
R - Reload
LMB - Fire
E - Thumbs Up

- Decreased sensitivity.
- Bullets can pass tru collectables.
- Decreased range.
- Less ammo at start.
- Decreased ammo drop rate.
- Ant ai fix.
-Cursor lock fix.


Download 17 MB


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Pretty good but I could never get enough ammo to hold them off. It probably needs a different enemy type that adds a bit of variety and forces you to mix up your strategies.

the mouse sensitivity is high tho



This game is SO COOL!