GGJ 2018 @ Unity Helsinki

A magical adventure and duty to save the crystal meth to keep the magical tree transmitting the high stuff. Fight your way to the end and use resources wisely.

W, A, S, D - Movement

Q, E - Enter/Quit slow motion

LMB - Shoot / Punch

RMB - Inspect ammo / Shock


Download 56 MB


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Fun little meme game.


metro 2033 with meth very creative idea

Gave it a go...

I really wanted to play this because it was a little silly and I loved it (I got to punch alligators!) but for some reason as soon as I used the lightning power it dropped my framerate to literally 5fps. Whenever I don't use it the game runs smooth as butter, though. I was going to try to record it anyways, but somehow it got permantently switched "on" when I used it and I couldn't turn of the electricity and it ended up game overing me for transmission lost at 5fps. Bummer!

Hey Lumps, I know the issue but didn't really revise the game after the game jam and left it as is, since many people plays on web player. If you play in low settings then it should be fine.