GGJ 2019 Game

Home is where you live, you better keep home clean. Especially if you have a mother who is scrupulous! Your mom is arriving shortly and there are 5 things in your room which she hates seeing around. Try to get them out of sight as soon as possible.

"Things Your Mom Does Not Like" is a find the hidden objects game. There are 30 things of your room and every play-trough you are expected to find 5 of them and complete the game. The objects to be found are displayed as silhouettes at the bottom of the screen.

AuthorsSarge, alperklc
Made withUnity
Tags2D, ggj19, hidden-object, Pixel Art


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Loved it.  Lots of stuff to discover. Also played it a few times to read everything. :]


this was fun! i played it a few times to get to know the little stories, like how its not just needles and porn but also Gnomes and basketball, that have to be hidden asp.

thanks for making and sharing this game

Thank you for playing and your nice comment Bee :0) I'm glad you enjoyed it!