Welcome to Vigil Devlog

Welcome to our developer blog. We will be posting our progress of the game and sharing our experience with you.

We are two men working on the game so far. Ferhat Tanman is a skilled 3D-2D artist. And I, Sercan Altundas, am a programmer and 2D-3D hobbyist who is currently helping Ferhat with the game content. We are designing the game together, having so much fun while disgussing the game and brainstorming.

Vigil is a game that combines Point & Click Adventure and Management/Rpg genres with an old school pixel art style. The player will be witnessing the events take place in our protagonist’s life and will be helping him make moral decisions which will change the course of the story. It’s a game of revenge and our hero’s struggle to achieve his goal while turning into a vigilante.

After we started developing the idea, story and the design of the game, we decided to paint and code so we can create a demo as soon as possible to get your expressions and feedback.

The story takes place in a city with poor conditions where crime and danger is in every corner. We want to create an environment that would describe that city in a best way and we started working on an example place where we will be able to reach from the map. There will be many gun shops in the city where we can purchase different type of weaponry.

How we design pixel art places, buildings.


So far this is the looks of the gunz & ammo. We hope to add lots of references, small side quests and explorables to the game, such as getting hitmen jobs, delivery quests, hidden weapons and perks.

We already prepared more than a dozen of ranged and melee weapons for the game and hoping to increase the armory as much as possible and distribute different classes of arms to different type of shops. Here is some of the arms.


The city will host many criminal factions and the areas they control. And each faction will have their own mercenaries, their own quest line and key people. There will also be other people who are a part of our story. We prepared some characters and hoping to create a diverse criminal environment.

Pixel art characters, criminals and others

We hope to craft a solid and fun fight mechanic for the game where the player can choose different type of ranged and close combat options to play. Depending on the perks the player owns and uses actively, the protagonist will have different advantages and disadvantages.


The player will be learning much about the story from the dialogs before and after the figts. Sometimes our hero will have different answer options which may give advantages or disadvantages to the hero and change the flow of the fight.


This is all for our first blog post, hopefully we will update it regularly and tell you more about our ideas and progress. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions and give us your feedback, and don’t forget to follow the blog for future updates. Until then take care.


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